Project Management

We train individuals and cooperate organisations  in PRINCE2® Project Management.

PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method that can be applied regardless of project scale, type, organisation, geography or culture. It is an integrated framework of processes and themes which address the planning, delegation, monitoring and control of the six variables involved in any project, those of Costs, Timescales, Quality, Scope, Risk and Benefits.


PRINCE2 method is one of the most widely accepted methods for managing projects worldwide. It isolates the management aspects of project work from the specialist contributions, such as design, construction etc. which are easily integrated with the PRINCE2® project management method. This provides a secure framework for any type of project across multiple areas of business activity such as business change, construction, IT, mergers and acquisitions, research and product development.

There are many benefits of PRINCE2® project management training primarily it:

  • Ensures project management is focused on the continuing viability of the project in relation to its Business Case.
  • Involves senior management in the project at the right time and in the right place.
  • Focuses on Products which provides clarity for all parties involved on what the project must deliver.
  • Facilitates controls at all levels.
  • Makes the project's progress more visible to management.
  • Provides a communication medium for all project staff.
  • Ensures that work progresses in the correct sequence
  • Allows the project to be stopped and, if required, re-started completely under management control, at any time.
  • Has a well-established User Group dedicated to the support, promotion and strengthening of the method.