Website Training

Xown Solutions Limited trains individuals and corporate organisations in website development. We train on  how to plan and program websites, with special emphasis on the technical nuts and bolts of a site, and implementing site elements using website development tools such as; HTML, XML, PHP, jQuery, Java script, MySQL, CSS, etc.

Participants learn how to integrate databases and produce a website's functional infrastructure such as payment applications for e-commerce, shopping cart dating site, news site, content management system, social networking site, forum, job board .

Participants are taken through the modules step by step developing their programming skills from those of novices to those of prolific experts.

Course Content

  • HTML & CSS fundamentals
  • Graphics Designs & fundamentals
  • Layout & Form Design Using Dreamweaver
  • JavaScript Programming Fundamentals
  • Introduction to jQuery as a JavaScript Library
  • PHP Programming Fundamentals
  • My SQL Programming Fundamentals