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As one of the foremost Kaspersky Partner in Nigeria, we offer Cyber Security Solution and Services to businesses of all size. Together with Kaspersky, we are offering Cybersecurity Solutions in the following but not limited to Fraud Prevention, Integrated Endpoint Security, Threat Management & Defense, Hybrid Cloud Security, Internet of Thing & Embedded Security, Industrial Cybersecurity and so on.

We have served and we would continue to serve industries such as Financial, Manufacturing, Agricultural Sector, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas Sector, Government Agencies, NGO and so on. Meeting the most stringent security requirements and ensuring supreme protection for highly critical infrastructures for public and private sectors of the economy is our priority. With variety of endpoint protection, both cloud based and on-premises solutions, we have helped many organization in Nigeria and UK to allay their fear of insecurity in the digital space.

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As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, we offer outstanding consulting and implementation quality using Microsoft Technologies. Xown Solutions is a leader in Digital workspace bringing together Microsoft technologies based on Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365 and our enhancing solutions and services to transform your business for a better and improved workplace that add to your bottom line, effectiveness and ultimately give you the competitive edge you deserve.

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Considering the potential and the capability of Sophos solutions, we have partnered with them and this has broadened our knowledge and experience of cyber security in this era of digital transformation.

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Platform is simple, highly flexible and provides multi ranged functionalities that are customer centic with good support system.

DR. Z. Rotimi

CEO, HealthAssur

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