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Conglomerate Sets Up Frontline Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Our client is a technology-driven conglomerate. They offer services and products in Oil & Gas Trading, Oil & Gas Exploration, Manufacturing, Mining, Real Estate, Project Management, Agriculture, travel/tourism, Health care and Construction.

They are an African enterprise consisting of subsidiaries that are leading companies in their various industries.

Arrival And Diversity Of Endpoints Was Leading To Security Exposure

With their increase in adoption of digital technology solutions for their organization, the client needed a holistic cybersecurity solution to secure their IOT devices across the organizations.

These IOT devices included desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Being an international conglomerate, they required a security solution that is robust and can respond to threats in the global sphere.

Our Approach

Our solution was a holistic cybersecurity solution that is internationally acclaimed. Our solution provided our client with the following features:

Essential protection in File, Web and Mail Threat Protection, Firewall and Network Threat Protection.

Advanced, ML-driven threat protection to protect against even new and unknown threats

Cloud-enabled controls for policy refinement and breach prevention

Flexible central management console that makes it easier for administrators to configure, deploy, update and manage their security.

We also followed up with the implementation of the solution across their various subsidiaries by collaborating with the team leads in the client company to ensure every department and devices are connected and secured.

The Result

The client experienced more than just robust and adaptive security against cyberattacks. The client also realized the following benefits:

Effective management of all devices in their networks both on-premise and remote from a single console.

Threat detection and protection against new and unknown threats

One effective solution across their various environments – Windows, Mac, Linux.

Android and mobile security inclusivity.

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