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Globally Rated Digital Presence With Virtual Tour For A Topmost Private University In Nigeria

Our client is one of the top 5 private university in Nigeria situated in a peaceful and serene environment close to nature. They possess over 2000 students with more than 100 staff in various sectors and departments. Being in the industry for more than a decade, our client as been providing quality education and character-building services to students of various tribe, sex and nationality.

As An Industry Leader The Client Needed Digital Solutions To Innovate Student Experience

The client was seeking to explore digital transformation for their school with specific need of a responsive enhanced digital presence for students and staff enabling them perform some core activities. They needed a platform to push their core values online and serve as a first point of contact for guardians/parents and students seeking education.

Our Approach

We created a web platform for our client, fully integrated with SEO and Keyword engineering to enable them more visibility on the web. Our solution provided the following features:

Integrated with SEO and Keyword engineering for increased visibility

Staff and student profile

Virtual tour of the campus was provided using a Panono camera (highest resolution 360 camera with 108 megapixels, with fully automated stitching to enable seamless 360 quality view)

The portal was integrated with a customized Content Management System (CMS)

The web platform was responsive to allow amazing UX across multiple device platforms including mobile, tablets and PCs

The Result

Our client experienced increased productivity and visibility and it led to more students globally coming to their institution. Some other benefits the client experienced include:

• Enhanced & Increased Engagement

• Ranked 2nd Among the private Universities in Nigeria by webometric

• Ranked 9th among over 300 universities and higher educational institutions in Nigeria by webometrics

• Attracted more international students across African Countries than before

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