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HMO Transforms Business Operation for Increased Productivity

The client is an upcoming HMO with established branches across Lagos, Nigeria. They have a patient base of 40,000 enrollees, numerous of field experts as healthcare providers across Nigeria, a tertiary institution and teaching hospital, with research facilities across Lagos.

With experience spanning 40 years, they provide their clients with quality healthcare services across a broad range of clinical fields including cardiology, neurology, internal medicine and so on.

Their Previous Mode Of Operations Was Limiting

The client performed most of their core operations offline manually using spreadsheet applications including; capitation, FFS, claims & reimbursement, Billing & Invoicing among others.

They required a solution automating these operations for their organization for effective tracking and documentation and is built with ease of integration in mind.

Our Approach

After consulting with the organization to understand more about their core processes and pain points, we developed and implemented a solution with that in mind. The features included:

ICD 9-Compliant HMO Core Business Application automating capitation, billing, invoicing, enrollee Onboarding.

Online tracking and documentation of these activities.

Portal for providers, clients, enrollee and pharmacies.

The Result

Improved efficiency across the organization

Real-time tracking and documentation of core processes.

Online report generation as at when needed.

Effective management of providers, clients, enrollees and pharmacies

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