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Multi-Billion Naira Trading/Retail Organization Innovates to Increase Operational Efficiency

Our client is a medium-sized retail/trading company located in Nigeria, West Africa. They import chemical for industrial use and export food-based raw materials for use by individual and corporate organizations.

Mismanagement Of Inventory Was Leading To Loss Of Revenue

Our client was experiencing mismanagement issues arising from the manual means of recording inventory for the company products.

Products coming in and those being exported out could not be properly documented and retrieval of documents took long strenuous activities delaying time-sensitive decision making. Also, due to the manual method of recording inventory and improper accounting, there were reported cases of theft in the organization.

Our Approach

We took the two pain points of the clients, solving them first individually by developing an inventory solution that automates inventory keeping in the company to solve the issue of inaccurate inventory and also developing a point-of-sales solution for record of sales in the organization.

We the integrated the solutions into one sales solution for the client. Deployment of one solution resulted in the solution of both pain points.

The Result

The client has since been able to manage their inventory across the company. With the automation of inventory, management of the repository in the company has been seamless. The point-of-sale solution has provided means to back-track payments and check against inventory.

The seamless management of these solutions in one has led to increased efficiency in the organization and reduction in cases of theft in the company.

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