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Not-For-Profit Organization Optimizes Procurement Process

Our client is a not-for-profit organization with presence in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. They collaborate globally to provide services to people and communities across these continents. They possess over 20,000 locations in Nigeria, with over 1000 more locations in other continents.

Procurement Process Oversight Was Limiting Their Efficiency

Our client faced a problem of mismanaged process for obtaining products and services across the organization. This problem of procurement is one that is very common for most not-for-profit organizations. Our client performed procurement management services through manual means and this led to lack of documentation of the process as well as oversight.

Our Approach

After interactions with the client, they explained their procurement process and various pain points. We developed and implemented a custom e-procurement service with the following services:

Automated Workflow Approval Process

Vendor Selection management

Vendor On-Boarding Process

Vendor Rating Management (based on past vendor quality and delivery)

The Result

With our solution the client experienced tremendous improvements in their procurement process, with specific highlights on the following:

Improved procurement process

Documentation and tracking of procurement process

Improved vendor vetting, selection and management

Massive reduction in procurement oversight saving the organization millions

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