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Oil Servicing Company Finds Haven in Cloud Security Solution After Massive Breach

Our client is a conglomerate with companies in Information technology, Quarrying and mining services, vessel chattering, and dredging. They have over a decade of experience in their field and provide premium quality services to their customers.

The Attack That Brought Clarity

Our client experienced a massive breach on their networks that came in the form of a malware attack. They required recovery services and cybersecurity solutions to prevent further occurrence in the future. Being an established company, they required a holistic and robust security solution to fit into their organizational structure as well as be deployable across various device environments such as windows & Mac.

Our Approach

Xown Solutions has been helping organization of different sizes and in different sector with their cyber-security related issue. This would not be the first experience, mere hearing the story, we could tell where the issue was.

Prioritize Critical Asset: By this we mean, we have to work on the critical asset first and we need to ask the executive to clarify the most relevant risk ad what asset need to secure. The risk was assessed and benchmark against industry standard.

Seek out and mitigate cyber risk

Deployment of Endpoint Security Solution: Cloud Base Endpoint Security Solutions was deployed to all the endpoints within this

Cyber Security Awareness for their Support Employee: Many security tips was shared with the support staff of the organization with the intention to empower them to train the rest of the staff

This specialist ranges from Cardiologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Psychiatrists, Audiologist and many more. It is easy to imagine the amount of data they would have in their database having been in this business for more 50 years.

The Outcome

Tremendous outcome was achieved. Apparently, cyber-security issue has been on for some time been on ground even before a major attack was launched against them by the cybercriminal. It was an opportunity to resolve all altogether.

• Improved productivity

• Speedy healthcare delivery to patient since their records can now be retrieved without any impediment because of malware, adware, spyware and so on

• Improved agility with business, innovations, and technology

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