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Real Estate Business Heightens Digital Presence for Improved Customer Experience

Our client is a real estate company with destructive innovation that seeks to embrace digital tech from the on-set.

They Needed Improved Customer Experience Across Their Platforms

Our client required a platform that allows real estate investors to search and engage realtors to acquire such real estate investments.

They required a platform that allows investors and realtors to transact business in the area of property and facility management, real estate investments and real estate development. They also required a tenant landlord management system for various property managers to have seamless tenant engagement services.

Our Approach

We created a robust platform for our client based on considerations of their requirements. Our solution contained the following highlights:

We developed a platform for the client that allowed property to be uploaded for both registered and unregistered customer to search for letting and investment

We developed a CRM-like platform that allows property managers to manage both tenant land owners hence improving efficiency.

We developed a platform where buyers can search and purchase real-estate investments on the go.

Client profile integration for property managers and customers.

We also integrated identity and access management capabilities through out the organization to enable increased security and reduce unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The Result

The client experienced increased productivity and efficiency, and overall increase in revenue. The breakthrough digital transformation enabled them leverage on this to become a standard in their industry. They experienced increased visibility and traction which led to increase in sales and revenue.

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