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Retail Business Recuperate With Industry Leading Security Solution After Attack

The client is a large-scale retail business with more than 14 stores spread across south west Nigeria. They specialize in B2C grocery and merchandising sales providing availability and discount prices to their customers.

The Cyberattack That Challenged Their Network

The client experienced a massive cyberattack across their network infrastructure. This attack came in form of malware on their systems spreading across the devices in their network. Due to this, the client needed a robust and holistic security solution for their company that is vetted internationally and is suited for the business enterprise.

Our Approach

We considered the devices and infrastructure already in place in the client organization. Due to the varying environment present in the network, our solution was one that would be all-encompassing of the various environments present in the client network infrastructure. Our solution had the following features:

• Essential protection in e File, Web and Mail Threat Protection, Firewall and Network Threat Protection.

• Advanced, ML-driven threat protection to protect against even new and unknown threats

• Cloud-enabled controls for policy refinement and breach prevention

• Flexible central management console that makes it easier for administrators to configure, deploy, update and manage their security.

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