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Construction & Real Estate

No organization is escaping the recent trend in the uprise for digital transformation solutions. With the advent of the pandemic, companies that were slow in adopting digital transformation have had to, on short notice, scale up their businesses to allow for new data-driven and tech solutions for working and collaboration, allowing them work effectively from home. Post pandemic and the shift towards IT solutions in organizations is here to stay.

The real estate and construction industry were among the comparably slow sectors at adopting IT solutions for their businesses, but they also, like every other business are starting to embrace digital transformation to remain effective, upstream their businesses and provide tailored solutions to the new "digital-client".

Property tech, or proptech as the industry is calling them, are tech solutions that are being adopted to enhance the industry in various ways. Some worth mentioning in the real estate sector include the adoption and incorporation of virtual home tours to reinvent the sales experience for buyers allowing them to fully experience the house without being physically present, integrated online rental portals, site management solutions, IOT-for-smart city innovations among others.

Insurance agencies are also incorporating contactless solutions across home loan acquisition and payment. Websites are increasingly becoming customer centric with engaging visuals, graphical illustrations, charts, and motion graphic, to enhance the customer experience across the sector.

As an IT solutions provider, we partner with companies to bring their desired solution to life through tech. Our years of experience and our broad range in IT solutions help us recommend solutions to suit the organizational need. Looking to upstream their businesses, we have partnered with real estate companies to enhance their web presence to provide a more customer-centric appeal for their target clients. We have also partnered with companies to provide virtual tour solutions for their businesses and online payment solutions to ease the sales journey.

Companies in the construction/real estate industry, like every other business that are adopting technology, face the risk of cyberattacks on their network infrastructure. We understand these issues and we provide enterprise security solutions for each company as well as IT maintenance to ensure that the business can focus on what they do best and upstream their company while remaining innovated and secure.

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