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The educational sector has not been left behind in the progressive implementation of IT solutions for organizations, in fact, it has embraced its solutions. Educational institutions have since moved from the era of offline paper-based documentation, registration, teaching and payments to real-time documentation, cashless transactions, online payments of ward fees and virtual learning and online courses. The use of internet and systems in schools today is as common as pen and paper.

More recently, the educational sector has adopted digital transformation tools to completely change and enhance their processes, workflows and educational offerings for their staff and students across all fields. Executives in the educational sector are adopting technological solutions for various reasons across the sector, some of which include; to improve collaboration and cooperation among student and staff, incorporate custom learning styles to suite each ward, CBT(computer-based-test) and online grading system for students to lessen the burdens on teachers and allow them focus on improving student-teacher interactions, and leveraging on the internet to create and engaging environment for their students.

In higher institutions, digital transformation has also facilitated research (with the growing availability of materials on e-libraries among others) and encouraged team collaboration among staff and students. It is evident that the institution that would compete in this market has to leverage on technology to provide the needed backing for the new “digital” student and staff.

At Xown, through our expertise and years of industry experience, we provide consultation and implementation of IT solutions for any institution looking to improve their workflow, collaboration and overall efficiency. We work closely with your institution to provide an intuitive online front for your institution that emphasizes your values as well as promotes a remarkable experience for each student.

We provide custom solutions to help you manage you automate the administrative processes, academic activities, and admission processes of your institutions while also incorporating payment system for easy and effective remittance of school fees and associated fee. It can also be implemented to accommodate automatic payment of salaries and vendors. We provide students with an easy way to learn and carry out their daily academic activities with the online virtual library, lecture notes, submission of assignment online, e-learning and video-assisted learning.

We have partnered to also provide your students with certified online courses to enable them stand out in the market today!

Looking to embark on digital transformation for your organization? Book a meeting with us today!

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