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Membership & NGO

NGOs and membership associations around the world have realized that to be successful, in whatever cause – environmental, humanitarian or social, they have to focus on improving operational efficiencies throughout their organization. The period wherein they find themselves, from the pandemic to post-pandemic – the new normal, is one in which increasingly companies are adopting digital transformation to upscale their business, promote their services and enhance their operational efforts. NGOs and membership organizations must first see digital investment as fundamentally enabling as this will ensure they make the most of it going in.

NGOs in this period are beginning to understand that there is a shift in their conventional way of doing things, as even the needs of their sponsors are leaning in to the new normal. Digital transformation is providing more and more tools that allows NGOs to learn about and communicate better with their sponsors and collaborators, increasing their potential to engage them and boosting loyalty. For an NGO, it is crucial to optimize and maximize donations. More sponsors are requiring more flexible means of donations from the traditional way which included checks and cash.

Payment in digital solutions is becoming increasingly convenient, secure and transactions are verified faster than traditional means, and NGOs are exploring its benefits for their sponsors. Also, NGOs are analyzing data gotten from their web presence to better enhance their campaigns are produce results.

In membership, digital solutions are being used to reduce the stress of registration and to automate membership application and renewal process. Digital transformation has long since moved from just having a face on the web, to optimizing the data from your web presence to gain insights into your members and provide curtailed services to them. In order to retain members, membership organizations also have to improve communication and involvement and these are effectively carried out using various digital solutions and through an enhanced web presence.

Above all, both sectors are leveraging on digital transformation to enhance collaboration and communication internally. Post pandemic, most organizations are adjusting to a flexible combination of on-site and remote working and as a result there is more dependency on technology solutions to bridge the gap.

At Xown, we partner with NGOs and membership organizations to ensure seamless transition into a more digitized environment. We enable you harness the data from your web presence for insights and provide the technology to leverage on these insights for new innovation. With provide consultation services as well as IT solutions implementations to suit the structure in your company. We also provide solutions for flexibility of donations and membership payments/renewals with security as the backbone.

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