Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy

73% of new jobs in the next five years will require technology skills and that's where MSIA comes in.

Microsoft Imagine Academy gives students and educators the curricula and certifications they need to succeed in a tech-driven economy. The goal is to Power their future by giving them skills & employability solutions that makes them ready for illustrious careers in a technology demanding world.

What is MSIA?

A complete technology education solution connecting staff, teachers, students, employers and local communities through leading-edge technology skills development.


1. Connects education and the real world.

2. Equips students with the IT skills needed for successful careers in today’s workforce.

3. Provides professional development resources for staff and educators.

Who can join MSIA?.

Membership is open to global academic institutions including public or private K–12 schools, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific/technical schools.

Benefits of MSIA.

1. Online learning.

2. Customizable lesson plans.

3. Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC).

4. Study guides.

XOWN Solutions Ltd. + Microsoft Inc.

Xown Solutions Limited in partnership with Microsoft as an Authorized Education Partner (AEP) to sell & implement Microsoft Imagine Academy in order to help prepare the Next Generation for success by providing the curriculum, the training ground, and the validation of skills that college and career-bound students need to achieve through the program.

Few of the Courses you can offer include:

1. Computer science - Learn coding skills based on the latest tools and technologies.

2. IT infrastructure - Develop in-demand skills in IT administration and cloud platform solutions.

3. Data science - Get an introduction to data science concepts and tools.

4. Productivity - Master the productivity applications in demand in today’s workplace Check images for further breakdown of the courses mentioned above.

Getting a certification from Microsoft Imagine Academy gives you the advantage you need to lead the way. What are you waiting for? Book your spot amongst the 4.4 million new IT jobs that will be available between now & 2024.

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