xEduWare is a web-based educational portal that automates the administrative processes, academic activities, and admission processes of educational institutions. It also incorporates payment system for easy and effective remittance of school fees and associated fee. It can also be implemented to accommodate automatic payment of salaries and vendors.

Supply chain


  • Term Date & Attendance.
  • Asset Management.
  • Payroll & Accounts.
  • Student Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Academic Management
Multi-User Administration
  • Online Learning
  • Fee Payment
  • Dashboard
  • Message Center
  • User/Roles Management
  • Audit Trails
Budgeting Caps

Benefits Of XEduware


XEduWare provides students with an easy way to learn and carry out their daily academic activities with the online virtual library, lecture notes and submission of assignment online. These helps improve the performance of students as they get to engage on tasks.

Admin Tasks

Administrative tasks such as follow-up school fees, absentee report and management, staff report and management, financial information reports and so on can easily be carried out conveniently on any computer with minimal specifications from anywhere.

Decision Making

Better decisions can be made by gathering information to avoid impulsive or emotionally-charged decisions and looking at information at both short-term & long-term angles before creating informed decision routine and strategic planning across all business functions can be achieved with ease while report is presented in an intuitive and attractive format.


With automated education learning process, students are encouraged to take ownership and control of their learning process while the role of the teacher changes from supplier of knowledge to facilitating the process of learning. This is done by providing learning resources and actively challenging students through systematic problem-based learning and other active learning methods without compromise on the quality of the curriculum.

Operational Effectiveness

Better and educational decision can easily be achieved as access to real time students and teachers’ data is at few clicks. The reports are available within short period of time and this help to take decision that will lead to faster impartation of knowledge on the student. Ultimately, better society with well-educated school leavers.


Support Schools with many branches and allow centralized information system. Irrespective of the size of the school, all the departments would be integrated and inter-connected for data dependency.