xPOS – a web-based point of sales solution

The Point of Sale (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer (which may be a cash register printout), and indicates the options for the customer to make payment. It is also the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. After receiving payment, the merchant may issue a receipt for the transaction, which is usually printed but is increasingly being dispensed with or sent electronically.

xPOS is designed with the Africa departmental store in mind to cater for payment for goods and service in a much easier way without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the solution.


  • • SYNCED INVENTORY: It is a web-based solution that allow online and offline store to have a synchronized inventory so as to ensure you have a good overview of your business and keep record of product and cash flow automatically.
  • LOWERED ERROR: Due the fact that a lot of tasks that are being carried automatically with minimal human intervention, accuracy of data and report is achieved easily and faster. Price can be changed for a product and it will automatically be updated in the entire system, so prices always look the same throughout the entire process. Therefore, the company ensures that prices always matches the given customer price and avoid dissatisfied clients.
  • ADAPT PRODUCT OFFER: From advanced reports you can clearly identify which product categories are the most and the least profitable. Knowledge which departments and items are not performing well can give you the opportunity to develop a sales strategy. Therefore, you can adapt your items in the store or your menu and much more depending of your industry. Also, the system is automatically providing in-depth analyzes about customers' buying behavior.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: A lot of manual works where documentation and record keeping is required is cut off as this is now kept on the Information System. Only legally mandated documents will be available in hardcopies.
  • IMPROVED OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS:Keeping track on the delivery and all goods going out of your store. The system continually tells you how much a specific product has been sold and exactly inform you on what you have in stock. This allows the POS system itself to submit orders to the suppliers when the inventory is nearly empty. Therefore, there is no need to have an employee spending time on doing it.
  • EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT:It can be used to check the additional sales conducted by each employee. On the other hand, the employee can check his or her own sales statistics, which can help the individual employee to become more aware of his or her personal objectives. Also, it allows them to see where the numbers can be improved.


  • Omni Channel:: xPOS allows stores managers to centrally manage all sales channels, so your customers get a seamless experience wherever they shop.
  • Store Management & POS: This allows customer-facing staff to have access to all the necessary information they need to convert more sales including product catalogues, real-time inventory data and customer ordering facilities.
  • Customer Profiling: Customer encounter and gives the in-store sales associate the knowledge and confidence to deliver the one-on-one experience your customer expects.
  • Invoicing for Wholesales:With xPOS, we can have an itemized bill for goods sold or services provided, containing individual prices, the total charge, and the terms especially for wholesales customers
  • Inventory Management: The Inventory Management with xPOS gives you the flexibility to create a strategy that works for you. You can define your own replenishment model.
  • Merchandise Management: xPOS helps to take more effective decisions about what products you’re offering, how and where they’re sold. Control categorization, suppliers, delivery and allocation through a single solution.

The added and more immediate flow of detailed information about your sales will help you come up with better competitive ideas and then evaluate their effectiveness.

Manage your store and sales using a point of sales solution that allows you to increase your retained business profit by making your sales easy and fast with xPOS, manage your inventory, provide you with adequate sales reports & analytics. That way, you can always acquire new customers, retain old customers and engage all your customers while ensuring they multiply their average spend.