xProcure – Procurement Management Portal

Organizations purchase goods and services from external suppliers and that is why xProcure helps manage that process. It helps you identify the goods & services to procure, complete purchase orders & issues to suppliers, reviews & accepts the items procured and approve supplier payments.

xProcureis known to help an organization to save much of the money spent when purchasing goods and services from outside amongst several other benefits.

Prominent features of xProcure:

  • Rule-based Requisition workflow.
  • Rule-based Procurement workflow.
  • Vendor Registration.
  • Vendor Management.
  • RFx Management.
  • PO/Contract Management.
  • Dashboard.
  • Audit Tray.


  • Seamless Operation: xProcure allows your requisition process to go smoothly as we take care of your requisition from identification of goods & services to approval of supplier payments.
  • Efficiency: xProcure helps you save cost by giving you quality products, cutting down waste of resources (time, energy & effort) and ensuring that you get the value you paid for.
  • Record Management: xProcure provides you with a step-by-step record by which the procurement can be traced to the appropriate vendor. It also reports transparency and a defense of records for compliance, record integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or vital information.

Procuring goods and services from external suppliers can be a precarious process for many projects. Often, the performance of the supplier will reflect on the performance of the overall project team. It's therefore crucial that you manage your suppliers’ performance carefully, to ensure that they produce deliverables which meet your expectations.

That being said, xProcure will help you do this to get the most out of your external supplier relationships.

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