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Technology Advisory Consulting Services (TACS)

More organizations post-pandemic has realized by now that the world is in a phase of digital transformation and most especially, people – their market, are shifting to a more convenient and efficient means, through the use of digital solutions, of accessing services and products mainly through the web and devices. This shift is being characterized by:

With this shift in industries and workforce comes the realization that, without transforming your organization to meet the new realities of the “digital customer” and “digital employee”, your organization may go extinct!

At Xown Solutions, we are always ready to partner with organizations to scale their businesses and increase their operational efficiency with digital business transformation(link) to enable them meet their clients’ needs. What makes our partnership stand out among others is that we do not only provide digital solutions to solve their immediate need, but we walk with them to create organizational solutions that will lead to digital transformation across their various departments and therefore increase their overall productivity and revenue

Every organization differs in their structure and mode of operations and interactions with their customer and such to embark on digital transformation, a strategy for deployment and execution must be put in place after careful considerations. This is where we come in.

We work closely with our clients by providing technology advisory and consultation services (TACS) to enable them effectively to embark on digital transformation for their organization. With our years of industry experience in various fields together with our team of experts, we analyze and recommend solutions to our clients that enable them scale their business and enhance their operational efficiency.

The first step in the journey to enhance operational efficiency and improve overall business productivity through digital transformation is to perform a Digital Maturity Assessment. DMA is conducted across the length and breadth of the organization to measure

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Platform is simple, highly flexible and provides multi ranged functionalities that are customer centic with good support system.

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